Tuesday 21st May – I Return To The UK A Bit Worried

still really wet

Mud mud glorious mud

I am only going to work until lunchtime as I am flying back to the UK this afternoon. 

It is still really wet on site so I adopted the two pairs of boots approach. One pair for tramping about in the mud, another clean pair for working in the foundation. 

Completed the infill used a little bit of sand ballast to finish (as it was cheaper than the lorry going to the pit for more infill) as we ran out of infill (we had been using Grave Miniere – clay based hoggin)

Whacker plate (vibrating plate to compact the infill) over the whole slab 7 times

membrane laid

We decided that there was nothing else we could start today so we stopped. Tony went to another job and I was driven to the airport to fly back to the UK (thank you David)

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