Thursday 16th May – Utilities and Pipework

Utilities and Pipework

Pipework completed and sewer pipes all glued together, no going back. The sewer pipe glue set almost instantaneous so the pipes had to be orientated first time. All the water pipework was installed with “Gaine”  (protective sleeve) to stop the concrete attacking the pipework. The pipework under the slab will save a lot of effort so the plumbing is effectively almost complete including a cold water feed outside. The foundation infill was being brought up to level ready for the membrane and insulation to be installed. 

Vibrating plate in use

infill being brought up to level

The electricity supply “gaine” was installed through the foundation wall. Additional “gaine” was installed to carry outside power and lighting cables later.

Today’s lesson learnt – do not make assumptions about where to put the electricity consumer unit, it cannot be in a cupboard and must be 1 to 1.8 metres above the floor. So I had to rethink that one.

Electricity Gaine entering the building

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