My Eco-Maison

An eco-friendly new build in South West France

An eco-friendly new build in South West France

Exterior Cladding Preparation – June 2023

Build | Exterior Cladding

June 2023

Finally, a return to France…

It’s been a long winter… 3 ½ years to be more precise. Finally, we were able to take some time out our schedule in the U.S.A. to visit and carry on with some planned work on the house.

Best laid plans…

As with the best laid plans, the news on arrival was the supplies we’d arranged to be delivered early in our visit were going to be delayed.

The plan was to put in place the exterior cladding. We set about attaching the support panels to the building in readiness for the late delivery. As the first week progressed, it became clear the cladding would not arrive in good time for our visit, so we rescheduled the delivery for January 2024 (adding another job to Tony’s list).


Gallery | June 2023

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