Sunday 16th June – Pre-Build Preparation

It's all in the Planning

With the structural blocks on site, it was time to get organised with some pre-build preparation – (i) to ensure ALL the pieces had been delivered and (ii) to sort the pieces into an order that made sense when we come to build.

So we had the fun task in 30 degree heat of moving the blocks from the delivery point to the foundation.

The panels and timbers are each numbered per the design drawings. The pieces we were interested in today were for the ground floor – GF01 for the front, GF02 left, GF03 rear and GF04 right.

By the end of the day all sections of GF01 to GF04 were accounted for and stacked on the corresponding side of the foundation.

Note: In the gallery below you will see sections marked IW. These are for the internal walls.


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