Monday 13th May

Monday 13th May

I was hoping for a good start to this week. The day began well with Tony and I levelling off the infill in the slab area (to be followed later this week by insulation, steel and concrete). Things started to go astray when we realised that it would be pointless going to the builders merchant for the next lot of cement, ballast and pipes as it was getting near lunchtime and the guys would be concentrating on their lunch (the French love their food). We decided to mark out the service pipe locations. This is when we hit a problem, the plan drawing was not to scale and we did not have the measurements to place the services. A quick brainstorm session later and the use of a calculator, we had calculated the services layout (I hope correctly)

We had lunch and then marked out the bathrooms and kitchen and agreed where the services pipes would be laid.

That done we went off to the builders merchants in Tonys lorry to collect a load of cement, copings and pipes for services and I spent lots of money.

Monday 13th May

We returned to Villefranche and collected a pallet lifter on the way so we could unload the lorry, Then it went wrong big time, a hydraulic hose on the lorry crane decided to part ways with the crane spraying hydraulic fluid over a great area including me. We stripped the hoses off of the crane ready to be replaced in the morning.u00a0

Everyone is now grumpy.

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