Weds 10th / Thurs 11th July – Front Top Tier

Moment of Truth

Today was an interesting day.u00a0

We erected the gable end of the west wall. First issue we found was the pearling beam was only sitting on one 100 mm upright which did not look right so after a discussion (more time) we decided to modify the panels and add an additional uprights under the beam. This took half the day and a lot of effort by Tony but I was then happy so it was worth it.

I was also surprised that the beams at the front of the house were smaller than the beams at the back of the house (longer length). But the openings for the beams were the same size all round (another drawing error).

At the end of the day the two pearlings were in place and wrapped in black clingfilm to protect them from the weather as they will be on show in the completed house.


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