Monday 15th July – Spot the Difference

Monday 15th July - Spot the Difference

Another Week Under The Sun

Another week to hopefully get around some of our issues. We had a delivery on Saturday including new panels to get us over the north wall windows issue. We made a lot of progress today. The panel 13 (unlucky for some) had to be cut back to correct the drawing issue found a few weeks ago.

Completing The East Gable End

Exciting stuff we completed the final row of panels on the east end of the house today. We had a few issues with aligning the roof gable end panels with the purlings and decided that the drawing were yet again wrong, so a quick calculation and the panels were re-cut. I also was not happy with the framework support under the purlings; another redesign and additional strength was put under the purling. You cannot see the additional strength as it is hidden by the panel but it is all good to go now


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