17th / 18th June – Build Complications

Monday 17th June

Well here we are again. First day of ‘putting up the house’ we had a dry run at putting wall 2 together and it went well, no issues encountered but it was difficult due to pre-cut locator plates not be labelled. I had to work out where the locator plate was in the jigsaw. The panels can be handled by two people fairly easily at ground level. The fun will start when we get above ground level.

Tuesday 18th June

First issue encountered. The walls are secured to the foundation by means of a wood base plate anchored to the foundation by chemically fixed threaded stud plus washer and nut. The wood base plate supplied is too narrow and therefore we had to add additional wood to the base plate by means of screwing and gluing a 36mm batten. That exercise has cost half a day.

Drilling 20mm holes in concrete is not fun.

Issue resolved and we can move on.


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