Weather Interruptions – Weds 5th to Fri 7th June

Sunday afternoon, the sun is out and it’s + 30C on Dave’s terrace – normal conditions in France for early June. However, the story of the week didn’t fit the norm regarding the weather.


Tony was unable to continue working on the concrete slab on Wednesday as there was torrential rain for the best part of the day. Not only was there the unwanted downtime, upon returning on Thursday morning Tony had to deal with draining the moat that surrounded the foundations.


The improved conditions on Thursday allowed for the 2nd third of the slab to completed.


Towards the end of the day, there were signs of another storm and sure enough the ensuing high winds (no rain this time) continued through Friday to cancel out another days work.

It’s been a dry and sunny weekend in France, so with conditions back to normal Tony should be returning to finish the concrete slab on Monday or Tuesday.

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