Tuesday 14th May

Todays delivery

After yesterday’s issue with the crane bursting a hydraulic pipe and showering every where with hydraulic fluid, it was down to waiting for the crane to be repaired. 

The planned delivery of two loads of ballast went as expected with the nice driver arriving initially at 0830am.

Tony arrived back with the parts for the crane and proceeded to fix the crane. This was completed by 1230 and the lorry unloaded of 2 pallets of cement and one pallet of Pastorelle blocks.

unloading the lorry
unloading a pallet of cement off of the lorry (700kgs)

We had a visit from the neighbour over the hill; as he described himself. We all chatted for a while and he said it was good to meet us. He parted by saying “bon courage” ie good courage which I took as good luck. Nice guy.

It was decided it was too late to start work so we had an early day. So I had a walk around see my blog page for some photos.

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